What Can (and Should) You Bring to Army Basic Training?

A common question that new recruits ask is “What do I need to bring to Basic Combat Training”? No worries, there are only a few items you should bring with you from your civilian life in to Army Basic Training. Whatever you bring to basic training, you will carry along with all the other gear you would be issued; so don’t bring more than what is needed on the packing list. Here is the BCT packing list for all training installations!

Packing List (What You Should Bring).

You really don’t need anything at all except the following items below:

  • The clothes on your back, you will get issued government uniforms and boots. Your civilian clothing will be locked away into a storage locker.
  • A cell phone, you get more freedom to call your love ones at any time instead of using the pay phones provided to recruits which charges a fee and also you have to use a prepaid card to make calls.
  • A debit card, you need this to pull cash from the ATM machine to pay for haircuts, a yearbook and personal items at the PX store.
  • Bills you pay monthly, if you regularly pay bills than you may want to bring your expenses so that you can have the information readily available in order to keep track of them such as car loans, car notes, rent, utilities and etc.
  • A school backpack, you can bring your own personal backpack or use the one your recruiter has provided for you. Also, you should include a travel kit that will last a couple of days before you are able to go to the PX store. By now, everything you need should fit inside your backpack and if not, then you may want to compromise.
  • The manila folder that you receive from MEPS on ship day. This manila folder is very important because it has your entire identity (Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, High School Diploma, etc.).

Packing List (What You Can Bring).

Of course, you are allowed to bring your iPod, mp3 player, camera, video camera, a picture of your family or love one (not an album) and computer. Some of the items will be lock away into a storage locker for the rest of the time you are there until family day. If you brought a cell phone then it will be returned to you once a week and will not be accountable for it if something were to happen to it.

Although the packing list is very short for basic training, you really want to pack light and minimize as much stuff as possible.

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