Lawsuit Cash Advance: Don’T Settle, Go To Trial

Should you settle your lawsuit or go to trial? That’s an important question and one that is on a lot of potential lawsuit holder’s minds.

Should you accept a cash settlement from the insurance company ? Or would you make out better by going to trial? A lawsuit cash advance from a company like Legal Advance Funding can actually be the reason why you make out much, much better by going to trial. You don’t have to accept a lowball lawsuit settlement cash offer.

Below are some things to consider and talk about with your lawyer.

Don’t take the first settlement offer. It may be tempting for you to take that lawsuit settlement cash that the insurance company is offering. But ask yourself some critical questions to first. First of have your lawyer help you make this decision. Keep him or her in the loop.

What to Take Into Consideration When Getting A Cash Advance

When calculating how much your injuries could cost you, take everything into consideration, not just your current doctor’s bill. For instance, your injury is most likely going to cause you to have lost wages (from being out of work for so long) and you may have far more future medical expenses depending on what kind of injury or disease you have. Your injury may also prevent you from pursuing other type of job opportunities. And you want to take that loss into account. Your lawyer should be very familiar with all these types of financial considerations that you are going to need money for.

Why is this important? The reason is that once you accept lawsuit settlement cash from the insurance company, you are done with the insurance company forever. They are “off the hook.” And will not be required to give you more money. So, you want to get the most that you can upfornt.

How Going To Trial Can Benefit You

An advantage to bringing your lawsuit to trial is that if you win the trial, the insurance company is then required to give you money for your medical expenses in the present and also in the future. This helps you maximise your return and get the settlement that you deserve NOW and into the future. For example, if you win your lawsuit, but then 10 years later, find that your injury requires another operation, you are covered. Since you won your trial, the insurance company has to cover your medical costs.

But realism is important too. You have to be realistic about your chances of winning. Your lawyer can help you assess your chances at winning your lawsuit. If you have clear and solid evidence that your injury was caused by your workplace, a malfunctioning product, traffic accident and such, then you should probably go to trial. However, if there is no concrete evidence pointing to the other party’s guilt, then perhaps you should accept the lawsuit settlement cash.

How A Lawsuit Cash Advance Will Help You

Sometimes people jump at a settlement because they are desperate for cash. Insurance companies try to take advantage of this – they know you want cash and will try to take advantage of a plaintiffs desperation.

What do you do? There are companies, like Legal Advance Funding, that offer you a lawsuit cash advance. This is a cash advance that is pad back from your winnings. We give you a portion of the money that we think you will win from your lawsuit. We do ths before the trial has completed. This allows you to pay for any expenses, while still being able to take your lawsuit to trial. The best part? You do not pay back the loan unless you win. If you lose the trial, you will not be required to pay any interest or any other part of the loan back at all.

If you are ready to begin the process and to explore your options, give us a call or send us an email. Here’s a link to a very brief and very simple lawsuit cash advance application. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete the form. And after that, we do nearly all the work. If you would rather talk to someone directly, then give us a call: 877-496-8999.

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