hard money loan programs

Hardmoey-list.net has many hard cash loan programs and is direct to private cash speculators, funding loans solely for 60 – 65 different Hedge Funds, Trusts and 1,200 personal investors.

The Hard cash Loan Programs lend in all 50 states as well as international. No max loan amt. The investor lends on all income-producing properties as well as development loans that are robust and have liquidity. Our loan terms range anywhere from 1-5 years interest only. IRs range anywhere from 6% to 8.5% depending on the power of the file.

The hard money loan programs are very easy and fast to get and the investor can usually issue you an LOI within 3 – 5 business banking days. There is a processing fee and 3rd party charges for the following costs, Site Visit, Environmental phase one, MAI appraisal, Surveys, Any Due Diligence needed, and the financier going out to the property to ascertain its marketability, background investigations lawyer fees. Etc . Everything is well documented.

100 percent of the costs are credited towards closing costs, depending on what fund / financier we use. We don’t issue your customer an LOI and ask for costs for an approval or a denial, Like most investors/lenders out there. Our financier issues an LOI Approval with conditions before we ask for fees and give company bio’s. Investor also needs a conferencing call with your principle, and the investor and or hedge fund mandate that will be lending on your file to get a verbal approval and to be sure you and your clients are comfortable.

Our financiers are actively funding loans, we are searching for Brokers who are serious and waste no time. We mean business and that’s it. Please do not reply if you or your borrowers aren’t significant or have no money. We are on the lookout for long term relations. Thanks so much, if you’ve got any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to e-mail anytime. Hardmoney.listgmail.COM
Or fast Form http://www.hardmoney-list.net/quick-form-2/

I hope we can be of help to you or your clients and get in touch with us soon.

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